Our Human Capital Experts help individuals and companies
get in lockstep with each other to gain perpetuity.

Our Human Resources Consulting Team hold advanced certifications in Human Resources and hands on experience as Directors of Human Resources. It’s pretty simple to handle your own human resources when your startup is just you and one or two employees. Taking care of payroll for three isn’t so bad, but what happens when your business starts growing? Even for a company of 20 employees or fewer, managing each person’s salary, schedule and benefits can be overwhelming.
We specialize in human resources for small businesses. We simplify your life so you can keep your mind on your business profitability, while we do the heavy lifting in compliance.
We provide the following services:

  • Human Resources Consulting – When you just need a Human Resources Professional for a project or two. Be it a compensation analysis or benefits review for a total rewards program. Our consultants are ready on a dime.
  • Human Resources Audit – The human resources audit is done via a walk through, compliance testing and interviewing. After the completion of the audit, each client receives a thorough manual of steps to take for corrective action. We aim to make our audits cost effective and limit intrusiveness into your daily business lifestyle.
  • Job Descriptions – Writing job descriptions is one of those tasks that business owners and management put off or handle half-heartedly but done correctly can be used for searching for a new hire, marketing your job on line, interviewing, performance management, determining pay level and limiting a company’s legal exposure.
  • Employee handbooks and updated policy and procedures – With so many changing laws, it is imperative to have a handbook that is relevant to employees and the organization. We work with business owners and legal counsel to assure you handbook is up to date and aim to protect both the company and individual. We also consult on policy changes such as moving your staff from separated leave policies to a group paid time off system.
  • Performance Review Systems – These days the “sink or swim” philosophy of the work place just doesn’t cut it. Employees want to know what the organization expects of them and how they can go about achieving their goals. We work with management to create a system that is easy to use, easy to measure and improves the performance of the workplace as a whole.
  • Support for management meetings and mediation services – If you have never had regular management meetings, partner meetings, general office state of the unions, or meetings in your office never seem to go well; it may be time to bring us in for a consultation. We’ll help you prepare the agenda to get your mission, vision and strategy moving in the right direction. We participate in your meetings and support leadership to make sure meetings are productive, and stay positive.
  • Outsourced Human Resources Department – We work hand in hand with business owners that are not yet at the juncture to hire a full time in –house professional. On a monthly retainer, we are available to complete your recruitment and onboarding process, handle difficult conversations, navigate human resources questions, onboard new employees and even assist in lawful terminations to mention a few.