We build your ideas from the inside out so you can
grow the way you always dreamed of.

Strategic Operations Audit/Organizational Development
When your company has experienced rapid growth from the start up stage or when you are between 30 and 50 employees, you may request an operations audit or organizational redesign. We come in when your company looks for an opportunity to formalize operations with the intent to grow or someday be purchased. We evaluate your management/leadership through a variety of performance indicators and measures, identify top organizational goals, reprioritize objectives and design a program to build an infrastructure and operations team. Programs include building an HR Function, a Marketing team, hiring an operations director, distinguishing when you need a CFO versus a Controller. Through our Operations Audit, many times we uncover the need for top grading, leadership training or the development of a marketing redesign plan. This is all covered and expressed in the step-by-step guide you receive upon completion.

Strategy Retreat
Do you remember why you went into business? Some companies are really good at maintaining their mission, vision and core values while others get side tracked. Without strategic planning, organizations stand still in the water. Top performing organizations meet challenges and embrace possibilities. We’ll help you get back in line, get motivated to stay the course and most importantly we’ll teach you how to get everyone involved and on the same page to move your business forward.

Sales Strategy (Pour Programming)
Sales is not a bad word. It’s just that there are very few people who do it well. In professional services for example most people go into the profession for the ability to exercise the technical aspect, they do not anticipate becoming a salesperson. Our programs include one-on-one sales strategy coaching as well as team/management sales courses for professionals in the legal, accounting or engineering industry. We’ll teach you how to walk into a networking room with no fear and come out with prospects. We’ll teach you how to turn your existing relationships into referral sources. Most importantly you’ll be able to recite the difference between marketing and sales, which is something few can articulate. We don’t train rainmakers, we make it pour.